Tuesday, July 29, 2008


"The texts presented so far by the WTO and by Lamy only serve the interests of the rich countries and agribusiness companies, he added.

Khan said that Lamy’s proposal on the subsidies that the United States and the European Union pay their farmers would allow these countries to double what they already shell out.

In the case of the United States, which grants agricultural subsidies of between seven and eight billion dollars a year, the draft text would authorise it to spend 14.5 billion dollars, close to double the amount it now pays. The EU, which it is estimated will cut its subsidies to 12 billion dollars a year by 2014, would be allowed under Lamy’s proposal to spend 22 billion dollars a year, Khan said.

And those government funds to support farmers "do not include an untouchable box of agricultural subsidies, the Green Box," which includes forms of support for farmers that the WTO does not consider as distorting free trade, he said." (Thanks Marcy)

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