Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lebanon cluster bomb: a documentary

Screening and Discussion: Sneak Preview Screening of Jawad Metni's "Lebanon Cluster Bomb"

Alwan for the Arts Presents:

Screening and Discussion: Sneak Preview Screening of Jawad Metni's "Lebanon Cluster Bomb"

To mark the 2nd anniversary of Israel's brutal war on the people of Lebanon, Alwan for the Arts and Deep Dish TV present four evenings of films from Deep Dish TV's new eight part television series NOTHING IS SAFE. The screenings are on consecutive Wednesdays July 23, July 30, Aug 6, and Aug 13.

July 30, 2008 Program
Free and Open to the Public
A sneak preview of Jawad Metni's new feature documentary "Lebanon Cluster Bomb"

Sneak preview (2008, Jawad Metni, 90 min)

LEBANON CLUSTER BOMB follows the men and women of South Lebanon who were hired and trained to clear unexploded cluster munitions after the July 2006 war. The Israeli Defense Forces dropped nearly 1 million of these dangerous weapons across 40 million square meters of South Lebanon. Hundreds of thousands failed to explode, and continue to kill and maim civilians 2 years after the war. The film is a primer on the cluster munition problem in Lebanon, but much more so an intimate portrait of those struggling to rebuild their lives after the devastating 2006 war. The under-represented of South Lebanon are given voice here, as they work shoulder to shoulder to return the land back to their fellow Lebanese.
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