Wednesday, July 2, 2008


In a world where federal corn subsidies and industrial fast foods have transformed Americans into fat-bearing mammals, it's no surprise that petroleum execs would see a kind of logic in harvesting human lard to fuel America's economic engine. (Thanks Leila)


Leila said...

Wasn't it Jonathan Swift, 18th century English satirist, who suggested that we solve the problem of the poor by eating them?

Leila said...

BTW, a commenter elsewhere suggested that it would be less invasive to have the fat person get on a bicycle - burn the calories that way - rather than surgery/liposuction.

"Exchange the Hummer and fries for a bike and a carrot" she said.

Leila said...

Jonathan Swift's Modest Proposal to deal with poor children:

plus ca change, plus ca rest le meme chose (and excuse my terrible French)