Saturday, August 16, 2008

All of a Sudan

...everybody is interested in Sudan

"Sudan is seeking to attract at least $1 billion of capital for its agricultural sector from Arab and Asian investment groups, which are turning to Africa in search of new food supplies as their governments try to manage the impact of commodity price inflation.

The investment ministry is marketing a portfolio of 17 large-scale projects that would cover 880,000 hectares, one of its officials told the Financial Times.

Khartoum is insisting that investors agree to terms that will yield clear benefits for Sudan.

"It's not only to take back to their country. Local people will not accept that," Mohammad said. "It should be very clear in the agreements what proportion of food will remain in Sudan, what other social services they will provide, what new technology they will introduce, the employment they will create and the training for local people.""

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