Saturday, August 2, 2008

Number 10 Drowning Street

According to "Foreign Policy" says this Akhbar article, Lebanon is number 10 from the bottom on the list of failed states. The list includes (in reverse order) Soomalia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Tchad, Iraq, Congo, Ivory Coast, Pakistan, Centre Afrique, Guinea, Bengladesh, North Korea, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Indonesia. The countries were ranked on the basis of indicators reflecting demographic pressure, unbalanced development, economy, public services, external interference.


Veronique said...

Hello Rami

In an article in a Dutch magazine I read how you help farmers, so they can build a more stable family. That is great! And inspiring.

The article doesn't say how you get your income? is this your voluntairy work, how do you get paid?

regards, Veronique from the Netherlands

Rami Zurayk said...

Hello Veronique.

I don't get paid, I do this work on a voluntary basis. But land and People, the program I manage has now 3 engineers working in the clinics and they get paid.

Thank you for your supportive words.