Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Khudarji Report 14: 5/9/09

A quiet week in the mahal; not much to report.

Peach and nectarine season is winding down. A second kind of eating orange has joined the juice orange that has been the only citrus in the store apart from lemons.

Some iftar dishes based on mahal purchases: lubiyeh bi zeit; cucumbers with laban and garlic and mint; stuffed cabbage leaves; fried cauliflower; salad of potatoes with hard boiled egg; stuffed tomatoes and peppers; fattoush; cabbage salad; iceberg salad; mtabbal; french-fried potatoes.

The Khudarji Report, by Zayd, reflects conditions unique to a neighborhood in central Beirut; the status at your local mahal al-khudra will most likely vary.

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