Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The best new young blog around: Thurayya tells it like it is http://thurayyatellsitlikeitis.blogspot.com/

So, no to coloured-scarves, but yes to brainwashing visits from a US congressman? Okay, I kind of get it...

"Question 1: "Who do you think did it?" (I shit you not. In all seriousness.)

A couple of hands go up. "Syria!" they proclaim proudly.

David Dreier likes this answer. He says "Yes! Yes!" and enthusiastically goes on to tell us how all the people he interviewed in downtown felt the same, and how one old man, actually, felt like he was caged by the Syrians...

One boy tentatively raises his hand. And to this day I still wish I was as brave as that boy had been when he said,

"Maybe it was Israel?"

What? ISRAEL? NOOOO, Noooo! David Dreier says. "They sympathise with you!" he says. "They get terrorist attacks all the time!""


Thurayya Zreik on indoctrination by a US congressman in her school in Beirut following the Hariri bombing in 2005!!! Full disclosure: Thurayya is my daughter. But honestly, judge for yourself. 

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