Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My new post on Al Akhbar blog. The Arab Spring: Disillusionment, Resistance and Utopia

Disillusionment is part of the cycles of life. To be able to fully engage and commit in difficult endeavors, we have to raise our expectations really high. But outcomes are often disenchanting, and we slip into the disillusionment trough. However, this feeling can be used positively. It can drive us to seek what many would describe as unrealistic and impossible. It can help us come close to our utopia.
This is why I am not disillusioned with the Arab Spring. The Arab uprisings have reshaped our lives and our society and are impacting the world. The Arab dictatorships have effectively ended, and the oil monarchies of the Gulf will soon realize that they are gone. Israel is on its way out. This is precisely why we should continue to support all uprisings.
My  new post on my blog in Al Akhbar. 

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