Friday, May 9, 2008

Baptism of fire

I live in Ras Beirut, between Hamra and Manara. We woke up this morning to the sound of machine gun shooting. I looked from the window and there was a few young armed civilians running in all directions. The kids were startled and we did what everybody does at times like these: seek the news. I sat at my computer and logged into the usual websites, then left the laptop to go to the tv, in the same room. The kids came in the room. Suddenly there was a small explosion, like a firecracker, with a cloud of dust and smoke. My 10 years old was the nearest to the source and we all looked towards him. There was a little hole in the glass door of the balcony, and another one in the wall a meter or so away from him. A bullet had come through the balcony, passed between the children and removed a small chunk of the wall, a meter or so away from my kid. We are now all huddled in a small room with no windows, waiting for the storm to pass. As I write, the fighting and shooting is still going on.

My kid had his baptism of fire at 10.


Marcy Newman said...

dear ali, dear rami, please be safe. we need you in this world. please keep blogging...

بحبكم كتر

Leila Abu-Saba said...

Please be well. I am concerned about you and thinking of all of you. May God keep all of you safe.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rami, Wow, that must have been a massive shock for A.U. and all of you! Mom says: think of Benny Lava (her attempt to cheer you up).
And now Hani is singing at the top of his voice (wince).
We love you all
Take Care

Yazan said...

Our hearts go you in Beirut.

Peder said...

Although I do not know you or your family - my thoughts and prayers are with you and so many others caught in this situation. If at all possible keep up your blogging and the good work. Regardless of the outcomes, we still must stand for what is right.