Thursday, May 1, 2008

More Food Crisis Resources

La Via Campesina mobilises against the Food Crisis

Resources for the media

Background papers Farmer's leaders available for interviews (mobile phones)
  • Ibrahim Coulibali, Mali + 2236761126 (en français)
  • Alberto Gomez, Mexico + 525512955651(en español)
  • Dena Hof, United States + 1 406-939-1839 (in English)
  • Paul Nicholson, Basque Country + 34636451566 (español, English, français)
  • Henry Saragih, Indonesia + 628163144441 (bahasa indonesia, English)
  • Chukki Najundaswamy, India + 919448241401
More on request, please write to us:

Via Campesina farmer's mobilisations
  • « Peasant's agriculture creates biodiversity » : mobilisation during the Convention on Biodiversity Conference meetings in Bonn, 19-30 May.
  • « Food sovereignty can solve the food crisis» : mobilisation during the FAO conference conference on world food security: the challenges of climate change and bioenergy, Rome, 1-5 June.
  • « Implement peasant's rights to solve the food crisis": International Via Campesina conference on peasant's rights in Jakarta, 20-24 June.
  • "G8 Governments: Stop corporate control over food, land and resources", mobilisation during the G8 summit in Hokkaido, 7-9 July.

  • For our media programme during those events, contact us:
Some external resources

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