Monday, May 12, 2008

Shut down

Below is the main text of an email sent by one of the UN agencies to staff in Lebanon. It indicates the streets that were closed yesterday and which are probably still closed today.

1- Mar Elias (blocked near Cornich il Mazra'a and Center Makassed)

2- Cornish il Mazra'a on 4 locations

3- Intersection of Verdun and Ramlit il Bayda and the Beginning of the

4- Near Rawsheh on Cornish

5- Dinaweh and the road leading to Sodeco Square

6- Ein il Mrayesseh (may open later on)

7- High Bshara il Khoury (2 locations)

8- Airport Road as well as Msaitbeh, the tunel is completely closed, only
entrance is from those living on the bridge, roads leading to the bridge
are also closed

9- Sodeco square and the road leading to downtown Beirut, part of the
protective element of the Grand Serail

10- Ring Highway, both sides, 4 lines of blockade

11- The two streets on top of Hamra leading to LAU as part of the
protective element of the Hariri Residence

12- The Kroitem High Way, near britstol also as part of the protective
quadrant of Hariri residence

13- Tayyouneh Rondpoint completely closed

14- Shatila Rondpoint completely closed

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your amazing insight into what's really going on in Beirut and Lebanon.
I have been scouring the news sites for information, and your blog is by far the best source for information.

I hope you and your family are ok. I was dismayed to hear about the stray bullet from a few days ago, and more so because the same thing happened to me in the early 90's when the Syrians blew up the massive oil tank in the "Sharqiyeh". A piece of shrapnel came through the window and flew right through the space my head occupied not 10 seconds earlier, before I decided to lay down rather than remain seated on the bed.

I truly wish for your safe deliverance through all this, and I hope that Lebanon will finally wake up and realise what a lying conniver nasrallah is. I remember his vow to never use Hezbollah's weapons against the Lebanese, and the recent actions have clearly proven that he is a self serving, egotistucal pawn.

Lebanon needs to ris itself of foreign elements, and anyone who agitates for foreign powers should be considered a traitor and removed from any semblance of power.

Thank you once again, my friend. I will keep an eye on you, and keep you in my thoughts.

Fondest Regards,
Abed S