Monday, April 30, 2007

Angry Farmer

Antoine Howayyek, president of the Lebanese Farmers Organization warns against Lebanon's policy of market liberalization over a background of continued disregard for the farming sector. He is an angry man, listen to him: "The agricultural sector has been traditionally neglected. There is no agricultural ledger where farmers can be registers, farmers do not benefit from social security, they do not have access to the state's health system, there is no fund for natural or human-made disasters, and there are no medium or long term agricultural strategy. There is no quality standard and control on the imported products,...and the export efforts have failed to reach new markets"

1 comment:

Ms Levantine said...

We Lebanese have a problem: very high expectations and no work ethic. Why exactly should Leb. agri. exports sell?

In order to achieve results we need sellable products and massive ad. and PR campaigns.

How about working on quality control and hiring Haifa Wehbe to promote the stuff in the Arab countries?