Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fair Trade goes hi-tech

"You know the price of a jar of fair-trade coffee before you reach the checkout, but how can you be sure of its ethical cost? Now techniques are being developed to tag goods with information about their entire production history, to reassure consumers that what they are buying has genuinely been ethically made. The researchers are exploring techniques to store information in barcodes, to be read by consumers using hand-held readers such as camera phones. Products would be tagged when they are made and further information added at each point in the production process, for example, how much the item cost the trader and how much it was sold on for."

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Ms Levantine said...

Here I come with the NYTime again.

Fair trade and organic produce do sell at a premium, and they are in high demand in the West. Being able to certify and develop products can alleviate agri. problems.

More eg.:

The problem in Lebanon seems to be that as everything else, efforts in agri. are fragmented. Too many NGOs trying to do the same thing. Maybe it is due to a lack of gov. leadership.