Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More people grow their own food in Britain. Less people allowed to grow food in Lebanon

The world is moving. People are changing. New lifestyles are emerging. More and more Europeans (and Britons!) are trying to break free from the gfrip of the super market, and are becoming small producers (many of them organic) on allotments made availeble to them by local government. "The reasons given for the shift to vegetable growing in the most urbanised country in Europe range from a political desire to not be beholden to large supermarkets, to a new awareness about healthy food and the environment, and deep dissatisfaction with industrially grown food.
"It's the fact that chefs are beginning to take up the idea of healthy foods and concern over chemicals," said Mr Stokes. "Fifty years ago people turned to vegetable gardening to save money. Now it's for fresh food and lifestyles.""

Meanwhile in Lebanon, the government and the merchant ruling class are still trying their best to destroy the small farming sector. Growing one's food is blasphemous in Lebanon. It goes against the precepts of the Market God.

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Ms Levantine said...

An interesting article in L'Orient today.