Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I knew there was a Jordanian Men's Magazine called Nox, and that it covered issues usually covered in Men's magazine: Hollywood movied, lightly clad girls, fast cars, and other consumer-oriented stuff. My friend Jackson, who has written articles in Nox had told me they were "right on". I didn't really get it and filed it under "silly stuff". But then I found a copy yesterday in the Amman airport. The politics of the magazine kick ass, look at this article:

Top 10 Lies of the Iraq War
Remembering the biggest collection of untruths in diplomatic history which has helped perpetuate a tragic war.

or this:

"In the democratic Western world, where free speech is as sacrosanct as eating disproportionate amounts of junk food, it is still difficult to find a film that truthfully depicts Arabs in their own territory, never mind Arabs living in someone else’s – particularly when that territory is as self-congratulatory as the United States or Australia. In both countries, self-examination tends to be an exercise in historic revision, a cleanse of the memory as opposed to the admission of a present injustice. "

And their line on Palestine is excellent: they call Israel "the zionist entity" and the latest issue has an article denouncing normalization.


j said...

thanks! nice. the online version has a lot . . .

Garage Sales For Gaza said...

Coincidentally, I have noticed no films of Arab life/culture/history at all, which inform world opinion in a positive way...at least in English.

This is a huge oversight that leaves Israel in complete control of all middle east discussion. I would think Arabs in general would want to address this issue.

btw, I brought this up to Michael Moore the other day. Made a pitch along the lines I just mentioned...that he consider a film from an Arab perspective about middle east history of at least the last 200 years.

I would think it would be a bigger film than anything he has done to date.