Tuesday, May 5, 2009

FRESH is excellent

New thinking about what we're eating

Directed by: Ana Sofia Joanes Starring: Michael Pollan, George Naylor, Russ Kremer, David Ball, Prof. John Ikerd, Mr. & Mrs. Fox

"Pig pig pig... pig pig pig... Come on, pig." The opening words of Fresh sound more like a scene from Deliverance than a documentary about the case for, and the current state of, sustainable farming.
Fresh is the absolutely first-rate documentary from filmmaker Ana Sofia Joanes. It resonates even more loudly following the latest headlines that upwards of 68 (mostly young) people are dead today as a result of swine flu, while New Yorkers and New Zealanders shudder on the brink of what may be one of the scariest pandemics seen in a long while, eclipsing the death toll of the avian flu that sent the media and frequent flyers into a tailspin not too long ago. "

From a recent review of Ana Sofia Joanes documentary Elliot V. Kotek (from the 2009 Newport Beach Film Festival).

Screening in May in several locations on the US East coast. Check here.

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