Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Aid and Development Overview

"Over the past 35 years governments have failed to follow through on their pledges to deliver aid, condemning many millions to unnecessary suffering. Even in the light of international commitment to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and a range of measures to increase development funding, it is extremely unlikely that the global community will come close to halving poverty by 2015. Yet only 10% of the annual global military expenditure would be required to meet the MDGs. The goal of international aid must be to ensure that food, water and medicine are available where most needed. A global economy that can secure these basic human rights needs to be established. The existing aid regime does not work, and needs to be transformed to include a system of sharing essential resources to meet basic human needs. The priority of such a system must be an emergency redistribution of essential resources in order to address extreme poverty.
Below we examine these issues in greater detail and present a list of related resources for those wishing to research further. Additional information about a global economy based on the principle of sharing can be found in the STWR Global Focus section. ""

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