Monday, May 21, 2007

Renegade tamales

"Serving a panoply of international tamales, Mama’s Café bills itself as an apprentice-run training facility. Many of the student-worker-chef-hosts are low- and moderate-income immigrants who got their start selling homemade food out of car trunks or shopping carts; Romero’s program helps them navigate the process of manufacturing food legally. “It’s about bringing people from the informal economy into the formal economy,” she says. Anybody training in Mama’s kitchen must also enroll in the business-development courses at the IURD’s adjacent economics lab. “All these people are actually entrepreneurs,” says Romero, whose program teaches students how to apply for a business license, make a business plan, develop a market, and acquire capital."(Thanks Anna who looooooves tamales. jackson, don't you love tamales?)

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