Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The New Road Map of the New Middle East

"The four-day work was launched last November when more than 100 participants —American, Egyptian, Greek, Israeli, Italian, Jordanian, Macedonian, Moroccan and Palestinian delegates — met in Cairo for a workshop on ways of improving water use, food production and agricultural marketing throughout the world.
The delegates recognized that such a collaborative program can lead to multiple benefits: safe and nutritional food sustains health, and economic partnerships promote peace."

So, if I get it well, while Israel massacres chidren and women and men in Gaza, occupies Palestine, steals water from Palestinian farmers, disregards every single international human right convention, we are supposed to grow tomatoes together and make peace over a tabbouleh. Great plan.

You know why I like living in Lebanon? Check the list of countries: it's not there (please do not add "yet" in the comments section). You know why I like South Lebanon? Look at the Winograd report.

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