Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Nahr al Bared: 2 km2 of poverty

"Most of the inhabitants of the Nahr el Bared camp live in poverty due to the degradation of the economic environment and the shrinkage of job opportunities. The main sources of employment are agriculture and construction and self employment, which explains why unemployement is more than 50%. The camp is home to 40,000 inhabitants on just 2 square kilometers. Some were able to diversify in small and medium trade, making use of the location of the camp between Lebanon and Syria. The camp is located 18 km north of tripoli. It was founded in 1949, and most of its inhabitants are refugees from the North of Palestine. There are 1o schools, and the average number of students per school is 44. There is one technical school funded by charities, and there are 3 large health centers and 10 small dispensaries and no hospitals."

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Anonymous said...

Did you mean that "the average number of students per CLASS is 44?" and I believe the schools run a double shift so that all children can be educated.
Palestinian refugees in Lebanon have it really hard!