Wednesday, March 5, 2008


"The price of a slice of pizza or a bagel is about to rise, but don't blame the poor guy behind the counter — point the finger toward far-away farms in Australia and Russia.

Lousy crop yields across the planet and growing consumption have made the price of flour rise like a loaf of bread with too much yeast, and New York restaurants, bakeries and pizzerias are reeling. Many have already begun to pass on the cost to customers, and it could get a lot worse, according to people in the industry.

"You're going to be paying four bucks for a slice of pizza soon," said Sal Casella, vice president of Howard Gordy Bakery Supplies in East New York, Brooklyn."

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Leila said...

Did you read the article I linked to from the Oakland Tribune?

What's weird is that it's like a template for this article. The price of flour quoted by a puzzled restaurant owner is exactly the same - the paragraph is almost identical. There's the same sort of sources - pizzerias and another baking restaurant. The Oakland article appeared on March 1, and the NY article (across the country, in a newspaper similarly geared to the working class) appeared on March 3.

If I thought there were a minister of newspaper articles dictating what news will be released to the public at what time, this coincidence would seem like proof.