Monday, March 10, 2008

Bread addiction

""Everyone wants to eat like an American on this globe," said Daniel Basse of the AgResource Company, a Chicago consultancy. "But if they do, we're going to need another two or three globes to grow it all."

Nigeria grows little wheat, but its people have developed a taste for bread, in part because of marketing by American exporters. Between 1995 and 2005, per capita wheat consumption in Nigeria more than tripled, to 44 pounds a year. Bread has been displacing traditional foods like eba, dumplings made from cassava root.

"I must eat bread and tea in the morning. Otherwise, I can't be happy," Sule said as he sat on a bench at a roadside cafe a few weeks ago. For a breakfast that includes a small loaf, he pays about $1 a day, twice what the traditional eba would have cost him."


Prabhu said...

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skippers said...

addiction treatment might be hard especially family peers is the one helping them,maybe there are positive and negative results on that,but the best way to do is, we must focus on how to treat the addicts.

Carlo said...

Good Job! :)