Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Water loo morne plaine

The environment page in Al Safir ran a couple of very interesting articles today: one was about the quality of bottled water in Lebanon. As we all know, there is no quality control of any sort in Lebanon and merchants can get away with murder (sometimes literally). But here, a consignment of 21,000 liters of Lebanese bottled water exported to Cyprus was found to contain Pseudomonas aeruginosa which causes inflammations and infections. The writer Habib Maalouf also asks: we heard there was a plan to sell water for domestic use to Cyprus at a time when the country is becoming increasingly dry. The government denies.

The second article was about Emile's Lahoud's immortal achievement, the Chabrouh dam. It's not exactly the High dam, but then again Lahoud is no Nasser. Still, this dam, in the region of Faraya, was supposed to fill up and irrigate the orchards of the Kesrwan and the Metn. It doesn't fill up (design fault, some say) and it doe not irrigate...because they did not build an irrigation network.

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