Monday, March 3, 2008

Forbidden fruits

"But consumers who would like to be able to buy local fruits and vegetables not just at farmers’ markets, but also in the produce aisle of their supermarket, will be dismayed to learn that the federal government works deliberately and forcefully to prevent the local food movement from expanding. And the barriers that the United States Department of Agriculture has put in place will be extended when the farm bill that House and Senate negotiators are working on now goes into effect.

Why? Because national fruit and vegetable growers based in California, Florida and Texas fear competition from regional producers like myself. Through their control of Congressional delegations from those states, they have been able to virtually monopolize the country’s fresh produce markets." (Thanks Anna)

In this NYT article, the fate of the small when they try to compete with the powerful. I'm waiting to see how is Europe going to respond to its own emerging small scale local food sector.

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Leila said...

When I read that letter to the editor, I was pretty sure that small farmers in California and elsewhere face the same pressures.

Our farm subsidies are making this country sick.