Wednesday, November 5, 2008

For a balanced Middle East policy

"Illinois Democratic Rep. Rahm Emanuel, the son of an Israeli immigrant and an American Jew, has accepted US President-elect Barack Obama's offer to serve as White House chief of staff, Fox News reported Wednesday. Chicago-born Emanuel, 49, served in the Israel Defense Forces and even speaks a little Hebrew."


Leila said...

It's not just a little depressing, it's very depressing.

God cried.

rima said...

Not a surprise. Simple facts to put things in perspective: of the US population, arab-americans are are really a minority <0.5%, have been relatively recently present on the american scene, where as the american-jewish population is 2% with high visibility and control of financial and media resources, have been around much longer, they do work hard at integrating in the society, and had all the time of the world to plan out the road for control. some arab-american have been in this country for many years, do not really want to integrate with the society, think of this country as a temp. stop to make some money and go back home. Some other arab-americans are really ashamed of being called "arab" in the first place. with a mentality like this, how do you expect to have a long lasting plan and any influence?

Rami Zurayk said...

So Rima you mean it is OK to let political "market forces" determine the validity of human rights issues? The problem with Obama is that he cannot claim ignorance of Palestinian rights: he understood them very well not so long ago.