Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sunny exile

Am in Cairo. Again. But this time I feel exiled, in the hotel near the airport where my conference is taking place. There is nowhere to walk to except the airport highway. But they have 2 great pools. So I worked on my butterfly and my suntan (more suntan than butterfly). Temperature: 29 Celcius.

International Conference for Sharing Innovative Agribusiness Solutions-From Farms to Markets: Providing Know How and Finance and is organized by UNIDO. Here's the conference website, and here's my contribution: I will give a presentation on the 27th.

I will blog about the conference as soon as I see more of it, but it promises to be interesting: the corporatization of rural development. Look at the panel and see who's there: Keynotes by the DG of UNIDO, the founder of SEKEM, a (very) large scale organic farm for export in Egypt, the Ambassador of Italy and the Minister of Agriculture. We will have a panel discussion advertized as "Davos format". Not joking.

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