Saturday, November 22, 2008

Friends of the water

"Accumulated knowledge and capacity can create the potential for sustainable management of both resources and supply services in Palestine. However, with continued occupation, oppression, control of resources, and destruction of infrastructure, investment opportunities and sustainable management cannot be expected. Economic deterioration will continue, poverty will increase as will social unrest, all of which will render any services provided unsustainable. Hence, no matter what programmes are introduced, they will never provide the level of development that enables people to move from being consumers to being producers. Development will merely be a reaction to humanitarian issues and no more. Accordingly, we urge our friends and solidarity movements to increase the pressure to end the Israeli Occupation. This will enable the Palestinians to run their lives with dignity and freedom. And to be able to claim their civic, political, legal and other rights as do other nations around the world."

Friends of the Earth Palestine on water and occupation.

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