Wednesday, November 12, 2008

From `Akkar to `Amel review

"Part guidebook, part development report and part textbook, From ‘Akkar to ‘Amel does not indulge in the meandering banality that mars some travel writing. Pastoral charm is not described; it is measured - in rainfall, elevation and percentage of arable land. Likewise, the recipes are detailed and sourced with a meticulousness that lends the text a sense of purpose bordering on urgency. Food has always been strongly linked to national identity, so it is natural that its preservation has become a form of resistance. In light of the debate currently raging between Lebanon and Israel over the right to hummus, establishing a paper trail for zaatar seems more critical than it once did."

Meris Lutz reviews "From `Akkar to `Amel"...

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Mamawork said...

I am a mother who is exploring just how best to nurture my family in a way that is sustainable and health promoting. My journey is taking me to explore how people in this region farm and eat, and your book look like it is brimming with information I would find useful.

I do not have land that I could use for farming, but I am trying to source local organic food, and I would love to find recipes for traditional foods from this region as part of a complete diet.