Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ilili event

Great event last night at Ilili in NYC. Great place, great people, great food. Philippe Massoud is a super chef and Paumanok wines are fabulous. I fell in love with their Chenin Blanc, apparently the only one on Long Island. I didn't even know they made wine on Long Island! Paumanok is family-managed by the Massoud family (Charles, Ursula and their children) and it is just beautiful. The Slow Food NYC family is extraordinary. Thanks Philippe, Ed, Deborah and Charles.

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Leila Abu-Saba said...

Don't know where the Chenin Blanc is from, but Long Island's North Fork is in a kind of warm zone protected from the usual winter ice by the cove of water surrounding it. I understand that's why the grapes are so good.

two decades ago, a French champagne maker told me that the Finger Lakes area of NY State is much better suited to sparkling wine production than California. The sun is too hot in Cali, he said, makes the sparkling wine too "oaky." All this by report only; I am no expert.

So glad you had a good time! When are you coming to Berkeley and Chez Panisse????