Thursday, June 25, 2009

Quelle salade!

"Researchers from Which? magazine looked at 20 salads from the major outlets and found many contained a large proportion of the recommended daily intake of fat. At least two had higher quantities than a standard McDonald's meal. Others had misleading labels, Which? said.

Retailers said they offered a range of clearly labelled salads. Smedleys Atlantic Prawn Marie Rose Salad, sold at Morrisons, was highlighted by the magazine as one of the key offenders on the fat and calories front.

Which? said it contained 855 calories and 66.3g of fat - nearly half of a woman's recommended daily energy intake of calories and nearly all of the fat.

In comparison, a Big Mac and medium fries contains 820 calories and 40g of fat - although this meal does contain twice as much saturated fat as the prawn salad.

Marks and Spencer's Pasta with Tomato & Basil Chicken, which came in a slightly larger portion, contained 760 calories and 46g of fat - nearly 70% of a woman's daily intake of fat and half of a man's. " (Thanks Muna)

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