Wednesday, June 3, 2009


"Well, OK, Professor Zurayk may have veered beyond the textbook a little bit. But then again, what if he's onto something?" (Thanks Joshua)


Leila Abu-Saba said...

LOVE this. I remember eating Loz akhdar in Lebanon as a child. We split the shells open with limestone rocks.
(Always searching for proof that I am "really Lebanese")

Obama's Ear said...

Great article.
Reminded me of my childhood as a "country opportunist". Always checking the green fruits and vegetables for the slightest hint of being ready to eat...well before any adult would think so.
I carried a small salt shaker with me and a small knife since sometimes the fruit was far to hard and green to bit into. Amazing that the same adaptations in Lebanon also were naturally created by a small boy in Montana, USA.
I certainly knew my competition were the birds and I was always trying to let the fruit ripen to just the day before the birds would discover them. I knew the nectar of every flower and when to avoid the apple orchard...because of bears.

I haven't thought of these things for years.