Thursday, June 18, 2009

Organic boost

"Under its programme for internal market promotions, the European Union offers a matching fund for member states to promote organic food to consumers. Although other member states have benefited, the UK has not yet made a successful bid.

In September 2008 Sustain, the campaign for better food and farming, was charged with coordinating a UK application for funds. Its goal is to reach ₤500,000 by October, which would total budget of ₤1m, including the matching funds from the EU.

The goal is to bring about a 15 per cent increase in the volume of organic sales each year. The UK organic sector was valued at £2.1bn in 2008 by the Soil Association."

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Anonymous said...

i hope you tell these slow food people that their shameful support of the zionist entity runs counter to the rest of the philosophy they purport to profess.