Friday, July 10, 2009


"The association Land and People aids in managing field crops in a scientific and practical manner, to minimize the production cost without changing the quality of the crop. They work with farmers in citrus, banana or vegetable production, or even alternative crops such as thyme.

“We are working on finding alternative crops for tobacco, in order to help Lebanese farmers who are struggling due to the increase of input cost, decrease in water availability, labor and absence of markets,” says local engineer and farmer Khalil Oleik who created the Land and People Association along with Dr. Rami Zurayk after the 2006 July war.

“We help the farmers by allowing them to use these facilities, providing them markets and advertising to sell their products.”

In addition, they fund alternative crops to tobacco, in order to help Lebanese farmers struggling to survive the increase of the input cost, decrease in water availability and labor and absence of markets.

Thyme is one of the crops Land and People works to support to ensure its cultivation. "

By Simba Russeau for Menassat

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Garage Sales For Gaza said...

Do you guys have a "fertilizer philosophy or ethic"?

Just wondering, since I have read this site for a couple years now and I know you are genuinely involved in improving things for small and community farmers.
Just wondering if the chemical thing factors in.
Sorry if I have missed it in passed posts.

This year I planed my family garden with all organic soil/fertilizer (no more "Miracle Grow cheating). Then I discovered the organic isn't organic in some peoples minds. Meaning; horse, cow, chicken manure is not considered organic...since these animals were likely not fed the chemicals get into my veggies anyway.

I haven't figured out how to do without my gas powered tiller.