Sunday, July 19, 2009

Barbarism with a human face

He may not be the best on Iran, and his tacit acceptance of Zionism and of a two-state solution in Palestine infuriates me but I still like Zizek. When he is readable.

From his latest in the LRB: Berlusconi in Tehran, in which he uses the Iranian events as an entry point to castigate the European hypocrits. While most readers will probably note the Iran bits (which are not particularily bright or innovative), I prefer this:

"Our governments righteously reject populist racism as ‘unreasonable’ by our democratic standards, and instead endorse ‘reasonably’ racist protective measures. ‘We grant ourselves permission to applaud African and Eastern European sportsmen, Asian doctors, Indian software programmers,’ today’s Brasillachs, some of them social democrats, are telling us. ‘We don’t want to kill anyone, we don’t want to organise any pogroms. But we also think that the best way to hinder the always unpredictable, violent actions of the instinctual anti-immigrant is to organise reasonable anti-immigrant protection.’ A clear passage from direct barbarism to Berlusconian barbarism with a human face."

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