Friday, July 17, 2009

I am proud to be your friend Carol

Forward Film Production
is proud to announce “a summer not to forget” by Carol Mansour
won the “Jury’s Award” in the Sole Luna Documentary Festival

Speech given at the closing ceremony by Carol (Please read)

Good evening everybody,

I would like to thank you all for giving my documentary a chance to be seen here in Palermo.
“A summer not to forget” is a documentary on the Israeli war on Lebanon in the summer of 2006. Israel bombarded Lebanon for 34 consecutive days; 1,200 civilians were killed and 4,036 injured, more than one million people displaced, 78 bridges destroyed, 30,000 homes damaged, 57 collective massacres carried out and many more atrocities; while the international community of politicians, the so-called leaders, was watching and while we were waiting for the Israelis to put an end to this horrific war.

The western media failed to tell the story the way it happened so it was the anger of not seeing the truth that pushed me to make this film. It was my way of resisting and protesting the condition of war that was imposed on us.

I am not involved in any political party; I am just a human being who wanted, through this documentary, to show the world the horror of the Israeli war on Lebanon.

What happened in Lebanon in 2006 has been happening everyday for decades in Palestine. It is difficult to accept that despite all the advancement in science and technology, everyday, somewhere, the most cruel brutality is committed. It is not acceptable that in 2009, we are allowing all those crimes of war to happen in front of our own eyes.

I want to thank the festival to have had the courage to show such a documentary. I want to thank the jury for giving it an award and I thank you all for being here.


j anthony said...

congratulations, carol and crew.

in the states, the dvd is available from

Anonymous said...

Great film, great speech!