Thursday, July 9, 2009

Obama to help poor farmers (and maybe some mega-agribusinesses?)

"This aid package effectively recognizes the growing consensus among philanthropists, economists and African governments that efforts to reduce poverty on the continent are probably doomed without far greater investment in agriculture. While aid to educate the poor and keep them healthy is critical, so is helping millions of farmers grow more food and earn some income.

Mr. Obama, who has made improving the productivity of farmers in the developing world a top priority since taking office, lobbied other world leaders to join him in backing this venture during telephone conversations in recent weeks. Leaders from Italy and Japan, among others, also took the lead in forging a consensus. The resulting commitments, to be unveiled Friday, may be among the most tangible achievements of his first summit meeting with the Group of 8 powers, here in L’Aquila."

My concern is that these ventures may rely on the introduction of new agricultural technologies produced by big agribusinesses. What a market! 15 Billion $!

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Garage Sales For Gaza said...

I hate to be a constant cynic, but it seems the opportunities just keep coming to my doorstep.

Less and less do I see any altruistic motivations in our leaders for improving anything for anyone, but the large corporations.

Increasing yields means using ever increasing amounts and types of chemicals, which end up in our bodies, causing more and more afflictions.

I can appreciate a profit motive being necessary to helping people, but it seems to me, this is all about developing a market on the backs of an indigenous people, who will not share in any meaningful way...the profit.