Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm in cafe Younes

"Drinking five cups of coffee a day could reverse memory problems seen in Alzheimer's disease, US scientists say." (Thanks Muna)

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Garage Sales For Gaza said...

I drink a medium mug in the morning, which equals 3 cups.
It seems it is contributing to my memory loss....or maybe just not slowing it down. Maybe I need to get out the bigger mug I used to use. The one that looks like a Munich beer stein.
It holds about 6 cups. I roast and grind my own beans and like it strong...with a couple tablespoons of whipping cream. I went to a smaller mug because I thought I was poisoning myself...but maybe that was the cigars.
I'm not a scientist, so I'm not sure how to factor it all in. I'm really struggling with the effect the two enthusiastic girls next door are having on my health.