Friday, December 7, 2007


The new issue of Bada'el, (alternatives) published by Al Akhbar: Rania Masri explains how the small scale fishermen are caught in the net of large fishing corporations. A small cadre by Alia Sabra, a fresh graduate from AUB's environmental program on the pollution of fish and oysters after the Israeli-caused oil spill of July 2006. My editorial: "The sea is laughing", on how the Lebanese government never cared about local fishermen, or about fish farming, and gave instead the rights to the shore land to casinos, restaurants and overpriced resorts where they only admit "beautiful people". A small article on pomegranate molasses and its benefits, about purslane, the omega-3 rich plant, and Rana Hayek asks: what fish to buy, fresh or frozen?

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