Saturday, December 1, 2007

Katz cradle

"Dr. Katz said the impetus for developing a rating system for groceries was his real-life experience as a doctor and father of five children. His patients and his family struggled to interpret the labels on food packaging.

For instance, a consumer may think that Hellman’s Light Mayonnaise is healthier than the company’s regular mayonnaise. In fact, it has less saturated fat than the regular mayonnaise but more sodium; over all, by Dr. Katz’s calculation, the regular mayonnaise is healthier.

A preliminary ranking of foods found many predictable results, but some that were surprising. Cocoa Krispies scored last for nutrition among breakfast cereals, and salmon was tops among meats. Kiwifruit rated at the top among fruit.

Oh, and Cheerios, by Dr. Katz’s method, are better for you than Special K. Chunky Chips Ahoy turn out to be slightly worse than Nilla Wafers." (thanks D.)

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