Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunday's poem

Two strangers, by the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish.


يرنو الى أَعلى

فيبصر نجمةً

ترنو إليهْ

يرنو الى الوادي

فيبصر قبرَهُ

يرنو إليهْ

يرنو الى امرأةٍ،

تعذِّبُهُ وتعجبُهُ

ولا ترنو اليه

يرنو الى مرآتِهِ

فيرى غريباً مثله

يرنو إليهْ

Two strangers (my translation)

He stares at the sky
And sees a star
Staring at him
He stares at the valley
And sees his grave
Staring at him
He looks at a woman
Who torments him and delights him
And she does not see him
In his mirror
A stranger like him
Stares back

Deux étrangers (ma traduction)

Il contemple le ciel
Et voit une étoile
Qui le contemple
Il contemple la vallée
Et voit sa tombe
Qui le contemple
Il contemple la femme
Qui le tourmente et qui lui plait
Mais elle ne le voit pas
Dans son miroir
Un étranger comme lui
Le contemple

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