Monday, December 17, 2007

Notable resistance

Last month, I blogged a long article (in English) on how Egypt was returning to the ancient regime by canceling its land reform program. In today's Al-Akhbar, 2 related items: In a short article on the confessional violence (rather one sided, as it was muslims burning a church), a small paragraph on the demonstration by 30,000 peasants against "the new feodalists", who are getting back the lands that were given to farmers during Nasser's land reform. However, in the opinion page, there is a very good article by Dina Hashmat on a decade of resistance of Egypt's peasants, since their lands were taken to be given back to the notables. For more info about the notables and the role they played in Egypt, see the poem by below. I wish I had time to translate the article.

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