Thursday, December 6, 2007

yo mama's couscous

"The Middle East was a strong category. The Alexandria cold and angry shrimp would have worked well with its Israeli couscous had the pasta not been overcooked. Other favorites included the grilled filet mignon kebab and its cucumber-tomato salad, and the arugula salad with a warm sesame-crusted goat cheese slab, well melded by an unobtrusive walnut vinaigrette."

What is Israeli couscous? A tradition that goes back...60 years? They took the land, the water and the falafel but I draw the line at the couscous. Where are the Danish cartoons protesters when we need them?


Ms Levantine said...

Agreed, the israelis should concentrate on their own additions to the area. How about Ariel Sharon as their national vegetable?


Anonymous said...

As a Palestinian friend joked: by all means take our land but please don't take our hoummous.

Anonymous said...

interestingly enough, israeli couscous is not really couscous. it actually refers to what we know as moghrabieh.

Anonymous said...

Where I shop in the US, there is a product labelled Lebanese couscous/moghrabieh and another called Israeli couscous. The 'Israeli couscous' is smaller than the moghrabieh.