Friday, December 28, 2007


"WASHINGTON (AP) — The gap between rich and poor remains huge, but a survey of global health finds that significantly fewer people in poorer countries say they have had to go without food or health care because they lacked the money to pay for it.

The phenomenon was evident in almost two dozen of 35 countries in which trends were available in both low-income and middle-income countries, the Kaiser/Pew Global Health Survey, released Thursday, found. It credited improved national economic conditions since a similar survey in 2002.

The study was a joint effort of the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Pew Global Attitudes Project."

It's not that I distrust the Pew GAP, but look at who their board members are. And what can you say about a project that consistently finds that globalization is good for you. That it was created precisely to show that globalization is good for you? Anyways, I hope their findings are true. But re-read the first line before cheering.

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