Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hunger in the middle classes

"In this recession-racked town, the lack of food is a serious problem. It's a theme that comes up again and again in conversations in Detroit. There isn't a single major chain supermarket in the city, forcing residents to buy food from corner stores. Often less healthy and more expensive food.

As the area's economy worsens --unemployment was over 16% in July -- food stamp applications and pantry visits have surged.

Detroiters have responded to this crisis. Huge amounts of vacant land has led to a resurgence in urban farming. Volunteers at local food pantries have also increased.

But the food crunch is intensifying, and spreading to people not used to dealing with hunger. As middle class workers lose their jobs, the same folks that used to donate to soup kitchens and pantries have become their fastest growing set of recipients." (Thanks Toufic)


Leila Abu-Saba said...

Our country's food policy makes no sense. Billions in subsidies to big agro for corn & other grains. No subsidies at all for small farmers who grow fruits and vegetables people can eat.

And do you think there's any government money for these urban gardens in Detroit or anywhere else? Maybe local money, but no federal money I'll bet you.

In another, related note, the local drugstore chain, Walgreen's, sent out a circular including an ad for $10 meal! "A COMPLETE MEAL for $10 with this ad!" Walgreens sells "food", several aisles of packaged stuff.

The $10 complete meal gives you one frozen pizza that does have some green peppers on it along with sausage and cheese; 12 cans of your choice of Coca-Cola (Diet or Regular); and 1 quart of your choice of Dreyer's or Edy's ice cream.

That's right, a complete meal is pizza, Coca-Cola, and ice cream. !!!!!

Walgreens stores are often located in "food deserts" where there are no large or decent food markets, only small corner stores selling liquor and potato chips (and soda).

Maybe they figure they are providing a service to the poor who shop there. Or maybe they are trying to build a customer base for their pharmacies :( Because such meals will make you sick early.

NewAmericanParadigm said...

I agree with you Leila. :)
I will write more later this weekend.
I suggest you watch this film .
I watched it on PBS at 11 on a Sat. night !!