Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Italian aid to Lebanon

"The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Directorate General for Development Cooperation), in the frame of its cooperation activities in Lebanon and for Lebanon, approved around 5.700.000 million Euros as grant and 1.5 Million of Euros as soft loan, on the bilateral and multilateral channel, for twelve new projects. This is what the Iralian embassy announced in a press release last week.

The new projects include the support to decentralization process; Technical assistance to justice reform in Lebanon; support to the entrepreneurial training; support to the System of the national qualification; the improvement of the infrastructures in the Chouf Municipalities; the contribution of starting up of the Bone Marrow high specialized Transplant Centre inside the R. Hariri Public Hospital; the support to National Policies related to Forest Fire Prevention; the enlargement and reinforcement of the irrigation system of the Baalbeck plain; the strengthening of the Lebanese forest fire fighting national mechanism; the preservation of the artistic heritage: restoration works for Roman fresco paint hosted by the Beirut National Museum; the improvement of hospital services for Palestinian Refugees; additional soft loan for the Zahle wastewater treatment plant project. "

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