Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Khudarji Report 13: 29/08/09

`Innab (jujube) mottled bright green and brown have started to come in; they are at 5,000 LL for a half-kilo bag.

Guava have started to appear.

Extra amounts of hashaysh--za'tar, beqleh (purslain), na'na' (mint), kazbarah (coriander), baqdunis (parsley), khas (Romaine lettuce), and rocca (rocket)--are brought in for Ramadan.

Iftar in the mahal is a pot-luck affair since the shop cannot afford to close down like other stores on the street. Neighbors bring down food most every night to add to what is prepared in the shop. The televised muezzin is preferred to the one down the street.

The Khudarji Report, by Zayd, reflects conditions unique to a neighborhood in central Beirut; the status at your local mahal al-khudra will most likely vary.

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