Monday, August 10, 2009

The Khudarji Report 10: 08/08/09

The Khudarji Report 10: 08/08/09

Fistooq Halabi (pistachios) have started to come in; they are at 7,000 LL/kilo.

There is a post-season local banana coming in, but not in large quantities. Somalian bananas are from Ecuador.

Sukleen workers are often thanked with bags of assorted produce.

Prices are being driven up by pre-Ramadan bulk purchases in the souq.

Hashaysh need be bought first thing in the morning; the heat takes its toll by end of day.

The synchronized dance of airborne watermelon being offloaded at delivery time is something to see.

The Khudarji Report, by Zayd, reflects conditions unique to a neighborhood in central Beirut; the status at your local mahal al-khudra will most likely vary.

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