Monday, August 10, 2009

The Khudarji Report 09: 01/08/09

The Khudarji Report 09: 01/08/09

Green grapes are now joined by black grapes. Green figs are likewise joined by black figs, though only in small quantities. Customers tend to prefer seedless grapes.

Gala apples ("the seed is from Italy") have started to appear.

Kiwi are from Greece.

A kahrabji and his assistant brought in a wire from a "moteur" now that the electricity is out upwards of six hours a day, with random outages added to the scheduled three-hour blackout. The monthly cost is 25 USD. When asked where the moteur is, the answer comes: "maa hadan byaarif"--no one knows.

With no apparent obvious irony, huge black plums from Syria come wrapped in lion wrapping paper.

The Khudarji Report, by Zayd, reflects conditions unique to a neighborhood in central Beirut; the status at your local mahal al-khudra will most likely vary.

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Leila Abu-Saba said...

At what point to solar power cells become cost-effective? I know they're not cheap, but think of all the free fuel in Lebanon!