Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Khudarji Report 12: 22/08/09

Rumman (pomegranates) have appeared in the market; they are "helou" (sweet) and not "hamoud" (sour).

Fresh dates have started to arrive.

Pre-Ramadan questions often concern availability of warqat al-'anab, grape leaves. No spinach, hindbeh (dandelion), siliq (Swiss chard), or grape leaves are coming in because they aren't "ndiif" (clean) in the sooq and they don't last in the summer heat.

The pods of fassoulieh (navy beans) tend to rot quickly in the summer, at which point every available hand is employed to shell them. Half-kilo bags of fassoulieh are at 3,000 LL.

The Khudarji Report, by Zayd, reflects conditions unique to a neighborhood in central Beirut; the status at your local mahal al-khudra will most likely vary.

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