Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Capitalism and democracy: Just like gin and tonic?

"Now some scholars argue that a free market can actually undermine democracy. "Capitalism doesn't necessarily lead towards democracy at all," Scott said. "The one thing that you can say is that capitalism is going to relentlessly produce inequality of income, and eventually that is going to become incompatible with democracy."

More worrisome is that the widespread assumption that capitalism and democracy are closely linked can backfire, argues Lord Ralf Dahrendorf, a research professor at the Social Science Centre Berlin. In a recent discussion on democracy and capitalism sponsored by the Hansard Society, a nonpartisan charity in London that promotes parliamentary democracy, he argues that when democracy fails to deliver the economic goods, people begin to doubt its value. "Few things seem more difficult and yet few things are more important for sustainable liberty than to separate capitalism and democracy in people's minds," he writes." (thanks Yasmine)

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Roger abou abdallah said...

great topic and very logic reasoning between capitalism and democracy, but when we begin to look closer how these two twins systems are composed they are definitely made to be for the surviver of the stronger; since when democracy delivers economic goods? in fact it delivers opportunities; its up the receiver to get it and of course he needs to work hard to get it, if that is not satisfying Ukraine still communist so is Cuba they love to have new comers that believe in equality among all the citizens where there leaders enjoying life and there people is starving ! do you still have any complains about democracy and capitalism ?